Why Tshukudu Game Lodge?

A Big 5 African Safari experience you’ll never forget

There are hundreds of Big 5 game lodges around the Hoedspruit area, so why choose Tshukudu Game Lodge?

South Africa is blessed with stunning flora and fauna. Finding a game lodge that will give you the best, up-close and affordable experience of the Big 5, is tricky. This is where we come in and here’s why…

Wildlife, Wonder, Wellness

If you’re looking for an experienced field guide eager to give you the best African wildlife experience, Tshukudu Game Lodge is for you. Some of our guides have been with us for over 20 years (even the animals recognise their voices). You can feel and see the passion that still runs strong in their veins.

Listen to the crackle and crunch of trees as the elephants dine

If you’re keen to see some bigger wildlife, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy the adventure of discovering the Big 5 in their natural habitat. Be amazed at the raw beauty of a leopard stalking its prey, the wonder of a rotund rhino or the majesty of a roaring lion, resplendent in its full glory.

Don’t be surprised if your guide hops off the game vehicle to pluck an unassuming leaf from a tree and proceeds to explain the cultural and medicinal properties of this wondrous plant. Learn all about the fascinating flora and fauna of Africa on your game drive, from the smallest insect to the oldest and largest tree.  

There is a plethora of choices for game experiences in beautiful South Africa and it can be quite overwhelming to find the best fit for your bush escape. That’s why we suggest Tshukudu Game Lodge. With our experienced guides and undisturbed private bushveld, your chances of spotting amazing wildlife are incredibly high.

Let’s be honest, nothing tops a real wildlife encounter while on safari. The thrill of the elephant matriarch passing your vehicle close enough that you see her eyelashes. The smell of a recently caught impala. The sound of a herd of buffalo grunting and mumbling or the flurry of birds (hey Zazu) passing by. These experiences aren’t scripted. And they can’t be priced.

Except that they can. Tshukudu Game Lodge prides itself on offering affordable rates so that your experience of a lifetime doesn’t break the bank.

Morning drive – Catch the worm around 6:00am

Feel the brisk breeze on your skin, smell the sharp fresh air and marvel at the African sun as it rises and kisses the beauty it touches. Morning drives are magical experiences here at Tshukudu Game Lodge. 

We are unique in that we offer day passes to visitors. This means that even if you’re not staying with us (enjoying our delicious food, luxurious spa treatments or G&Ts by the pool, we might add) then you’re still welcome to visit for a day of safari adventure. You also get to enjoy that delicious food we mentioned with some of our day pass package options – follow us to get updates on the Specials.

Get up-close and personal on a bush walk with one of our field guides. The beauty and excitement of a memorable wildlife experience are there for you to discover – but only if you’re with guides and trackers who know what they’re doing and are passionate about making your African wildlife experience all that it can be. You have a special opportunity on our bush walks to experience the environment up-close. Feel the grass underfoot, smell the scent of spoor and listen to the bird calls that flavour the bush.

After some downtime with a spa treatment, a dip in the pool on our luxurious pool deck and a mouth-watering and authentically African meal, the sunset game drive is yet another chance to absorb the sight and sounds on your bush safari adventure. Experience different types of sightings as the African sky is lit up with dazzling stars.

The magic continues!

Book your African wildlife experience now: https://www.tshukudulodge.co.za/

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