Pack for a Purpose

Guests have been relying on the Tshukudu Game Lodge for magical safari escapes for the longest time. But did you know we also give guests an easy way to feel good and do good?

Pack for a Purpose

PJs? Check. Binocs to see the twitch in the lion’s whisker? Check. Bathing suit for that beautiful pool? Check. Your safari dinner outfit for the starlit boma meal? Most definitely check. 

But now it’s time to add a new item to your luggage and Pack for a Purpose. Their motto says it all: “Small Space. Little Effort. Big Impact.”

Big 5 – Big Impact

Going on safari already packs a punch as far as meaning goes. The awesome experience of hearing the roar of a lion in the fading light, with the earthy scent of elephants in the air, transports people to a place of inspired meaning.

The memorable experience of seeing The Big 5 in real life cannot be topped. Except that it can – by making an impact on other people’s lives while yours is being impacted, you can truly have a bird in the hand and in the bush.

“Bringing Hope” (carry-on or check-in)

Tshukudu Game Lodge has been contributing to this important and life-changing community upliftment program for several years. Pack for a Purpose empowers guests at the lodge to donate sorely needed items to newborn babies and their mothers at the Tintswalo Hospital through the initiative The Baby Box Project . This initiative is all about “Bringing Hope” to new mothers by gifting them with “essential toiletries & clothing for newborn babies”. Not only that, but it “also provides encouragement and hope for the new mothers”.

“Since 2014, The Baby Box Project has delivered more than 1,325 starter kits to vulnerable moms of newborn babies.”

When you choose to join Tshukudu’s mission to make a difference, you give a new mother and her precious bundle of joy a fighting chance at life.

 Packages from your heart – and pocket

The team at Tshukudu Game Lodge have decided to take it a step further and start offering the guests the chance to purchase pre-made Baby Boxes. This way you have space for that extra pair of socks and underwear. You also get to see what exactly goes into each lovingly prepared care package.

Tshukudu Game Lodge has created a variety of packages, ranging from ones costing around R450 (about $27) to R1000 (about $60). Our favourite one gifts both a girl and a boy with some of the essentials they need for their new life.

The birth of a newborn should be a celebration, not a struggle. By purchasing a Baby Box for a bouncing bundle, you’re helping their life to be about joy, not survival. As The Baby Box Project says, it ‘seeks to impart hope to the mothers in our country that lack the support system and face desperate poverty’.

Pick your piece of hope

 After some thought, the team here have also decided that guests should have the option to contribute the amount they want to. A challenge Pack for a Purpose and The Baby Box Project face is that they often end up with a surplus of baby blankets, for example, but too few hats and socks. (We just went “Awww” thinking of baby hats and socks, did you too?).

To combat this, Tshukudu Game Lodge wants to offer its guests a chance to contribute the money needed to catch up on that cute baby-clothes deficit these worthy initiatives face.

Learn more about how Tshukudu Game Lodge’s making a difference. 

Contact us and find out how to make a difference.

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