A word from Chris & Vicky Sussens

Dear friends, guests, agents, suppliers, employees and every person we have dealt with over the last 42 years at Tshukudu Game Lodge. Vicky and myself want to share some important, yet extremely exciting news with you!

After a lifetime of living & breathing everything we had into Tshukudu Game Lodge, we have made a decision to step down from the lodge itself. This was a very hard decision for us as owners but as parents, we realised the time has arrived for us to shift our mindsets and to spend more quality time with our kids and as a family. We have made the most amazing memories with each and every one of you, wearing hats as hosts, guides, managers, most importantly friends… and that of every role possible, to make sure that any experience at Tshukudu Game Lodge was unforgettable.

We will however remain in charge of the conservation aspect at Tshukudu as it continues being one of the things that we are most passionate about, as you all know. With that being said, we will not be going anywhere and we will still be around for a “hello” or a catch-up session should you be visiting the lodge any time soon or in the future. We look forward to this new chapter in our lives as we do not leave anything behind but rather carry memories with us that we will cherish forever. We will be forever grateful that we were able to offer a true South African Safari experience and the impact our guests had on our souls is indescribable & priceless. Our cups are full. We thank all of you for your loyal support and unconditional love throughout the years, sharing our passion for nature and wildlife.

We would like to introduce you to the new lodge management company, Touchdown Africa. Touchdown Africa was founded in 1993, boasts eight properties in South Africa and book more than 300 000 bed nights per year. Tshukudu Game Lodge was recognised by Touchdown Africa as a lodge with the potential for a unique & memorable vacation experience in Africa. Keep a close eye for new developments, specials and what they are planning for Tshukudu Game Lodge, on the website and social media platforms.

For any lodge related enquiries, contact Touchdown Africa on reservations@touchdown-africa.com.

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Yours truly,

Chris & Vicky Sussens

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