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What to wear on my Tshukudu Safari?

If you have never been on Safari, the task of packing for the family may seem daunting. It is actually no different from packing for a normal holiday with a few exceptions. We have created this blog entry to assist you in selecting the right gear – from clothes to extras.

The main rule for travel anywhere is to make sure you know what temperatures await you on the other side and pack accordingly. South Africa’s temperatures are hot in the summer and mild in the winter. Tshukudu is located in the North East of the country where generally we are blessed with warmer temperatures than most of the country. Winter months average a minimum of 8°C and a maximum of 24°C. And summer months you can expect an average minimum of 21°C and a maximum of 33°C.

Tshukudu gets most of its rain during the summer months from November to March but it is usually spread out so guests are predominantly blessed with great weather throughout the year.

Safari means you are going to spend most of your time in the bushveld amongst wildlife. The emphasis should be on natural colors for your clothing to blend in with the environment and not to attract annoying insects that get intrigued by bright colors. It is also best to wear light and airy materials, especially in the hot summer months. Most importantly, you want to be comfortable, so no need to out-do Meryl Streep’s outfit in Out of Africa.

The following items are essential:

· Clothes & Shoes: Shorts & flip-flops are staples in South Africa, so you will fit right in. Cotton products in natural colors are the obvious choices. If you are going to participate in Bush Walks, we suggest you pack a pair of comfortable walking/hiking shoes. We don’t require formal wear for dinners, so you can wear smart casual clothes.

· Swimwear: Tshukudu has a pool, so don’t forget to pack your cozzie (slang, for swimsuit).

· Sun Protection: It is recommended that you pack sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. And if you can find a spot for it, a pair of sunglasses.

· Winter: Depending on the season, you may want to pack a jacket and scarf to keep you warm against the winter chills.

· Toiletries: We offer complimentary amenities to all guests but remember to pack your favourite products for extra pampering.

Remember, you are not going to be 100’s of miles from civilisation. If you forget anything, we have plenty of shops in the area where you can stock up or spoil yourself with food, clothes, electronics and souvenirs.

A few other things that you may not have thought about is listed below.

· Day Bag: Many guests go out on other excursions to explore the area. A smaller day bag instead of lugging around a suitcase, is best to take your essentials with. Many guests prefer a simple sling bag.

· Camera: Don’t forget, a safari is usually a photography extravaganza. You are welcome to use your phone or bring your camera if you are an avid photographer. And if you are serious about getting up close and personal with the wildlife, pack small binoculars.

· Entertainment: At the lodge we prefer the sounds of the wild, but should you be in for a long haul on your transfer or excursion, pop in your iPod/MP3 device should you want to listen to some music. And for all the book lovers, lounging by the pool with your book and a cocktail may just be the perfect relaxation therapy.

· Power: If you are bringing your phone and other electronics, remember to bring charging stations, power banks and/or cables to charge your devices. Depending on where you visit us, also make sure that you have an adaptor for the plug.

· Insect repellent: Tshukudu provides guests with repellent but if you have a specific allergy and can only use certain types of products, rather bring your own.

· Medication: The bush may cure many ailments, but if you need a special pill to keep you tip-top, bring the medication with. We suggest a letter from your doctor as well, just in case you get questioned at customs.

A secret tip for any traveller is of course not to over pack your suitcase. South Africa has some of the most unique products to buy and take back home to enjoy or spoil a loved one with a gift. We have award winning wines, brandy and liquors to sample. Some other special products we are known for is biltong (a cured & dried meat), Ostrich products and gorgeous wood carvings. And all around there are plenty of souvenirs such as postcards, magnets, clothing, books and art.

Tshukudu is proud to be involved in the “Pack for a Purpose” initiative that assists mothers in the Baby Box Project. If you are interested in packing items to assist expecting mothers who are not as fortunate to provide for their little ones, feel free to drop it off once you check in at the lodge. You can find more information on our website: https://www.tshukudulodge.co.za/community-projects

We cannot wait to welcome you at Tshukudu, where what you wear, will be a distant dilemma. The beauty of the wildlife and surrounds, will make all your troubles disappear and envelop you in a tranquil yet mesmerising hug.

So enough reading, go make your booking and pack your bags!

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