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Secret Travel Tips & Hacks

Boy, do we have a doozy of a blog for you this month. With the tourism industry opening slowly, we thought it might a very good idea to share some of the most unconventional and secret tips and hacks to make your travel that much easier… and probably more enjoyable.

Let’s start off with some DID YOU KNOW questions:

Did you know….

  • Flight tickets tend to be the absolute cheapest at 3:00pm on Tuesdays, six weeks before your flight? (Or even better, research airline sales times to get the best deal.)

  • If you put heavier items at the bottom of your suitcase, it will keep it balanced when rolling?

  • If you book during off-season periods you can save up to 60% on your travel?

  • If you are a student or pensioner, you can enquire about special rates on tourist excursions?

  • If you turn on “incognito mode” on your search engine, you will bypass pesky cooking tracking and save yourself from unnecessary push marketing ads on the things you have searched.

Right, now onto some travel hacks that will be sure to save you some money or give you ideas about travelling smarter…

  • You may be able to save money at home even while you are travelling – remember to switch off all electricity outlets and your geyser while on your trip. That will give you a few extra bucks to spend while on vacation.

  • Winning the lotto is everyone’s dream, however people hardly ever remember to buy tickets. The same goes for travel competitions. Take some time to enter these competitions – especially now, a lot of destinations are running competitions to lure tourists back. Why not try your luck?

  • Don’t be shy to mention if you are on your honeymoon. Declaring your romantic status releases “giving mood endorphins” in most flight attendants, waiters and hotel managers…you might just get a complimentary bottle of champers or an upgrade to your room.

  • Always try and learn a few phrases of the language of the country you are visiting. You have no idea how appreciative industry personnel are when they see you embracing their culture. Here are a few to help you in South Africa (there is actually 11 official languages, but these will get you started off):


Hello Goeie dag / Hallo Dumêla Sawubona

Good night Goeienag Robalang gabotse Ulale Kahle

How are you? Hoe gaan dit? O kae? Unjani?

Please Asseblief Ka kgopela Ngiyacela

Thank you Dankie Ke a leboga Ngiyabonga

Do you speak English? Praat jy Engels? Na o belela Seisimane? Ingabe uyasikhuluma isingisi?

  • Water is always a question mark when people visit Africa. Let us assure you, we have plenty of suppliers that offer many alternatives. Most places even have refill stations – so if you are environmentally friendly and opposed to plastic packaging, bring your own flask and just refill at your convenience.

  • Talk to locals. When you are visiting a new town, don’t be scared to ask the locals for directions or advice. Many times, they will know of specials running at stores or restaurants which can save you an extra buck or two.

  • Don’t worry, be appy. For the more tech savvy traveler there are a lot of apps you can use that give you advice on places to see, and things to do in and near the town you are staying. Browse the app store and download some apps to make your trip easier. Most of these have reviews from previous travellers that will help you in making decisions. Trust your fellow travelers!

We can go on for pages and pages, but for now, this should open your mind and free your inner traveller. Keep watching our blog for more interesting posts. We hope to see you soon to share some more tips with you in person. Happy travelling!



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