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Part 5: Children of Africa (1963 – 1980)

Just like the young adults of today, Lolly & Ala had a lust for life and learning new “trades” so to speak. Together with a friend they enrolled in flight school of all things. A friend (Nolly) joined them and together they were 5 in the class. However only Ala in their party of three actually paid attention…the other two regularly fell asleep during class. (Many people have told the story of how the pilots in those days – including Lolly - didn’t trust the “new instruments” and chose to fly “padlangs” (along the road).

Unfortunately, they didn’t finish their flying course (only later on) – mainly because Ala discovered she was pregnant and of course the other 2 weren’t what you call ‘star students’. Ala blossomed during her pregnancy – plump but happier than ever. Ala worked till about a month before the delivery date and even went to a dance the night before Ian was born.

During her pregnancy Ala’s father contacted them from Poland. She said goodbye to him at the age of nine and now at last it was safe for him to come home and reunite with them. The day he arrived at that airport, he came home to a wife that was a stranger to him and a grown-up, 27-year-old daughter that was pregnant. It took a while for him to settle in and get to know everyone again, but it was glorious to have the family back together. Her mom confessed to her that her father was a different man and both their lives have changed irrevocably. Even though they separated they stayed friends. The judge came to absolutely love fishing and Lolly would take him out to his favourite spots often.

On the day of Ian’s birth, Lolly was actually out hunting with friends. Luckily when the contractions came, Ala made an appointment with the hospital to book a room. But first, off to a friend’s party which was important to attend. She pushed through the pain, but still an appearance was made. Friends stayed the most important thing to them.

Little Ian was born and the proud parents were radiating happiness. Ala trained up Yvonne to take over her job at the hotel while she was a stay-at-home mom. Raising Ian in the turmoil of a noisy hotel was effortless. A shock came when Ala found out 9 months later, that she was pregnant again.

Luckily Yvonne stayed on in her position at the hotel and took care of all the office work.

Ala had such an easy birth the first time, that she wasn’t too worried about the birth of her second baby, Chris. It was over Easter weekend and in proper ‘Ala Fashion’, all the arrangements were made for friends to come and visit. As the guests arrived for lunch, Ala insisted that Lolly take her to the hospital. She requested that the doctor cut her hospital stay in half as she didn’t feel that it was necessary to stay as long as the first time.

Ala noticed that Lolly was anxious to get back to the hotel.

During one of the happiest days of her life, she also got the most shocking news. Lolly was having an affair with Yvonne.

To be continued….



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