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August 2017 News Blog

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Welcome to our News Blog! This month, we’ve launched an exciting new platform for sharing our latest and greatest wildlife sightings, events at the lodges, memorable moments with our guests, and stories from our staff. Each month we will be looking forward to posting the photos and videos captured during game drive and in and around Tshukudu Game Lodge, and we hope you will find enjoyment in reading our updates and indulging in a little safari daydreaming as you scroll away at home.


We have a new Tshukudu video, which encapsulates the safari experience, our 4-Star rooms, lodge grounds, boma dinners, and wildlife sightings. Take a look at that video right here, and subscribe to our newly launched YouTube Channel to receive regular video evidence of what fun we’ve been having!

Cheetah Shenanigans

Our three cheetahs are perhaps the stars of the show on safari at Tshukudu, and we can’t argue that they offer some incredibly special and unique opportunities for guests who both live in South Africa, and travel from abroad. Floppy, Hunter, and Ntombi - three siblings – roam wild on the reserve, but their memories of their human upbringing at Tshukudu has given them an amazing relationship with us, and they like to be involved with our morning bush walks, and – most recently – game drive! Floppy – one of the boys – got so comfortable during one morning coffee stop with guests, that he made himself right at home on the game viewer! David was guiding at the time and captured this great clip of Floppy and Hunter staking their claim once guests had disembarked the vehicle to stretch their legs.

Another stand out moment with the cheetahs this month involved one curious rhino! Guide Wernich had the great pleasure of joining the male cheetahs on a morning walk – something our guests can participate in every morning of their stay – and on this particular day, one of our rhinos was nearby, and showed some interest in the cheetahs. These two species are highly endangered, and to have them both in the same place at the same time is a remarkable occasion. We watched as the two of them bravely approached one another, before the cheetah thought he had had enough! Take a look at the short video clip captured, here. 

Lion Drama

One of the best lion sightings this month has included a roaring session, which was captured on video for us to share. One can never quite convey the true power of a lion’s deep, reverberating roar on video, but you’ll have to believe us when we say the air was vibrating and our bones were shaking beneath our skin – this is the sound of Africa!