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Hear from Håkan Nilsson - a guest at Tshukudu for 20 years!

Håkan Nilsson has been our guest at Tshukudu for a remarkable 20 years! From his home in Sweden, Håkan has spent holidays visiting our warm Lowveld home and making us part of two decades of safari memories. We are so pleased to have built a relationship that keeps Håkan and his guests coming back year after year and we truly value the loyalty and support he has shown us. All this time we've wondered whether its the African sunshine, the gin and tonics, or the special wildlife that he keeps coming back to see, so while he was here on his most recent trip we thought we'd ask him! 

We sat down and asked this Tshukudu safari veteran what some of his greatest memories are and what he still hopes to encounter on his visits down south. Thanks for answering our questions, Håkan, and thank you for the many years of support. We look forward to the next 20!

When did you first come to Africa?

It was the year 1999

Why do you love safari?

I have always been excited by wild animals. As a little boy, my parents and I often visited different zoos in Copenhagen and Hamburg. I also watched Animal Planet on TV, but to visit a game lodge with "real wild animals" was like a dream!

What is your favourite African animal?

It sounds crazy, but I have always been interested in reptiles, so to find a huge snake would be fantastic. Otherwise, a leopard, because over the years at Tshukudu, this is the rarest animal to find. 

What is your all-time favourite safari moment?

It was when a big herd of buffalo chased the cheetahs after they tried to catch a newborn buffalo calf. It was an exciting moment that lasted more than 30 minutes!

What African animal do you hope to see one day?

A black mamba, or a leopard. And of course, all of the Big Five. 

How did you come to discover Tshukudu?

Recommendation from a friend 20 years ago.

Amarula coffee or a gin & tonic? 

I prefer gin and tonic to avoid the mosquito bites... ha ha ha!

Do you love the morning bush walk or the afternoon game drive best?

It's not easy to compare. I love the walks, also because they offer some exercise, but you can see more animals during the afternoon game drive.

Sundowners in the bush or dinners in the boma?

I love sundowners in the boma!

What will keep you coming back to Tshukudu?

I have visited two other game lodges, but Tshukudu offers a higher value for money.Tshukudu typically has very experienced rangers.The accommodation has continued to improve over the years.There is always a welcoming smile from the staff in the kitchen and service.To get close to the animals and especially the cheetahs is a highlight of the visit.The food is always classic and well made.



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