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February 2018 News Blog

February was the month of love with the coming and going of Valentine's Day! Some people try their best to avoid the heart-shaped balloons, Lindt chocolate gift sets, cupid cards, and red rose arrangments, while others relish in the opportunity to express their timeless love for a life-long partner, or brave the waters with a new relationship. Whichever side of the fence you are on, the 14th of February comes around every year, and at Tshukudu we see honeymooners and newlyweds, anniversary celebrators, and sometimes we're there when he pops down on one knee and she says 'yes'! So, this year, like every year, we celebrated in style with a special Valentine's Day boma dinner, decadent desserts, and a sky full of stars to complete the air of African romance. Take a look at the love-themed set up our team put together in the boma, while our chefs prepared and plated some famously good fare in the name of Valentine's Day!

See us in the sky!

We are so pleased to be featured in the February/March issue of Sky News - Cem Air's in-flight magazine! The 4-page spread written by Andy Sullivan describes Tshukudu's unique safari experience and touches on the family history that makes us who we are. In talking to Director, Vicky Sussens, Andy discovers the true spirit of Tshukudu, putting it into words with this sentence: "Everything from birds and squirrels to elephants and giraffe has been given a second chance through the efforts of the caring team at Tshukudu." 

So, if you're flying high on a domestic flight in South Africa with Cem Air this month, have a page through their Sky News magazine and read the full article, which includes Andy's take on the food, the safari experience, conservation goals, and the 4-star rooms. You can see the online edition here. 

Cheetahs Chillin'

The three cheetahs roaming our reserves - siblings Hunter, Floppy, and Ntombi - have been their usual crowd-pleasing selves and have shown up at the lodge much to the delight of our guests! Out in the bush, where they live and hunt happily, we've bumped into them while on morning bush walks and afternoon game drives, and we can't say they react as excitedly to our presence as we do to theirs... Here are the glorious spotted cats relaxing in comfort while we admire them from a close distance.

The big and the small!

When we refer to large mammals, what comes to mind first is the elephant. Enormous and mighty in stature, yet quiet and contemplating in nature, elephants are always a pleasure to watch and observe, and when we are undetected, we get an even more unadulterated view of these great animals. We spent a little while watching a herd of elephant drinking from the dam while we were hidden away in the hide. 

The smaller critters are often overlooked, so we thought we would highlight two special sightings that might not be mighty or regal, but are spectacular in their own way. The highly venemous puff adder is a common snake in Southern Africa, yet it is not often seen; so one could imagine our excitement when one slithered out onto the open road and gave us the opportunity to watch it closely. Not too closely, however! 

Next, we were lucky enough to find a baboon spider, which is what some people's nightmares are made of, but are in fact protected species in South Africa!

And of course we could not have waved goodbye to the month of love without bidding farewell to some much loved guests! Every month we meet people from all over the world, and we say goodbye as friends. We pride ourselves on offering a personalised experience and bonding with our guests as individuals. As we surge on through 2018, we look forward to all the faces, both new and familiar, that will pose for farewell photos as they depart, just like this group of friends who traveled together to see us: Igor, Kathleen, Bernadette, and Nora. 

Tune in to our Facebook and Instagram accounts to see regular updates on our lodge and wildlife activity, and be sure to check in again next month for our next newsletter!



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