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5 Reasons to go on a South African safari in the ‘Green Season’

1.) Vibrance

The landscape is drastically more vibrant than during the winter months, the rains bring flowing rivers and striking greenery. For a photographer the moody skyline coupled with bursts of colour in the veld mean wonderful opportunities to take exceptional photographs. Rainfall settles the dust and with more daylight hours you are able to go on longer game drives.

2.) New Life

Your game viewing experience is enhanced by the birthing of young antelope such as impala, kudu and waterbuck, it is always heartwarming to gaze upon these little marvels. Many migratory birds make the trip south to build their nest and raise chicks during the summer months adding great value to each outing for those so inclined.

4.) There is still a good chance of seeing predators

Visibility is better during the dry season months and this brings the belief that game viewing and your chances of seeing predators decrease greatly. This is not necessarily the case, the birthing of young antelope provides opportunities for an easy meal giving viewers more of a chance to see interaction between predator and prey. In our experience cats such as lion and leopard prefer to avoid the wet and tick infested grass during the green season months and thus will tend to lie on open sodic sites and move along roads to mark their territories, an act which requires constant attention in the green season as the rain washes away the scent these individuals use to mark their territories.

5.) Avoiding the cold mornings

The winter mornings (dry season) in South Africa can be bitterly cold, enduring the earlier hours on an open safari vehicle proves a test for even the toughest of us. Often one will need a beanie, scarf, warm coat and blanket for their legs. If you don’t enjoy chilly temperatures in the early mornings then a green season adventure is certainly the better option.



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