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5 Fun facts about the honey badger

1. They are skunk like.

Adult honey badgers are 23-28 cm tall and 60-70 cm long. Like a skunk, a honey badger is able to release a foul smelling odour when threatened. The stink-bomb is shot from a gland at the base of the badgers tail, typically the gland is used for territorial scent marking but it also serves as a great defence against predators.

2. They’re tough!

Honey badgers have very thick and loose skin making it incredibly difficult for predators such as leopards to bite into and contain a badger. The badger is able to manoeuvre around and fight back against its foe. Their thick skin serves as protection when they raid bee hives as well, many a time badgers have been seen swamped and unperturbed by angry bees.

3. They are intelligent and powerful.

Camps in the Kruger National Park design ‘badger proof’ bins, badgers are relentless and have the capacity to problem solve as well as having a bite force powerful enough to crack open a tortoise shell. Their keen sense of smell and ravenous appetite drives them to ferociously pursue a potential meal, even if that means finding a way through a dustbins casing.

4. They are great Mother’s.

Mother honey badgers have been documented attacking animals like jackals, lions and leopards to protect their offspring. Female badgers are wonderful providers for their young, at times kits will remain with their Mother until they have outgrown the parent.

5. They aren’t necessarily nocturnal.

Honey badgers tend to be more diurnal in winter, however it has been noted that badgers living amongst man kind will tend to move around at night regardless of the season. Badgers are generally solitary and secretive animals. Keep an eye out for these cantankerous animals when on game drive at Tshukudu Game Lodge, it is quite a treat to sight one!



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