A word from Chris & Vicky Sussens

Dear friends, guests, agents, suppliers, employees and every person we have dealt with over the last 42 years at Tshukudu Game Lodge. Vicky and myself want to share some important, yet extremely exciting news with you! After a lifetime of living & breathing everything we had into Tshukudu Game Lodge, we have made a decision […]

The gentle giant

The most remarkable animal to spot on safari, is the majestic giraffe and the sight of a giraffe browsing on the leaves of a sublime acacia tree is synonymous with Africa. A giraffe is the world’s tallest land mammal, attaining a height of 5.5m, with its incredibly long neck accounting for much of its height. […]

Life of a Wildlife Vet – Rita Piso

Rita is an incredible wildlife veterinarian and plays a vital role in conservation with the amazing work she does at Tshukudu Game Lodge. We asked this fearless woman a couple of questions to understand what it is REALLY like to be a wildlife veterinarian. Q: What made you decide to become a wildlife vet? A: […]

Who’s laughing now?

The Spotted Hyena is one of Tshukudu Game Lodges’ most iconic animals, known for their distinctive sloping backs, social and opportunistic behaviour. Although being scavengers, they are actually very successful hunters. These carnivores hunt alone or mostly in clans especially when they are dominant in a certain area. They will most likely scavenge when other […]

The Baboon

Chacma baboons are frequently encountered on safari at Tshukudu Game Lodge and need no introduction, as they are well known to all. Not only are they remarkably intelligent, but a lot of fun to watch as they interact with, and groom one another and explore new areas and objects in the wild. The word “chacma” […]

Preserving our Rhinos

At Tshukudu Game Lodge, conservation is our number one priority, and it is crucial for us to implement measures to safeguard the future of our rhinos. As we are fighting a never-ending battle against poachers, we have no other choice but to put more drastic measures in place. With poaching being our biggest battle in […]